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Fitness Services

All Chateau fitness and wellness programs are designed to help residents maintain their independence and better perform activities of daily living by stimulating their mental, physical and physiological abilities. New programs are routinely researched, developed and introduced to keep the curriculum fresh and innovative, and residents motivated and challenged.

Current Fitness Menu
Classes include:

Fitness and Wellness Workshops:

Special topics are periodically taught by the Fitness Director or other qualified lecturers.

Personalized Training:
Residents have unlimited access to complimentary personalized training in our Fitness Center, located on the second floor of the Community Center. Upon receiving approval from your primary care physician, the Chateau’s certified Fitness Director will create a
customized exercise plan with various elements intended to:

• Increase physical strength, stamina, range-of-motion and balance
• Improve posture, physical appearance and self-confidence
• Improve the quality of sleep and general feeling of well-being

Leisure Services comprise a broad spectrum of activities, excursions and events available to residents and their guests including:


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