Chateau Lake San Marcos is an Independent Living, Active Adult Homeowners Association
(760) 471-0083

Concierge Services and Administrative Offices.

Association Administrative Offices are located on the second floor of the Community Center and are open Monday thru Friday 8:30am-5:00pm.  The offices are closed on weekends and holidays.  

Concierge Desk
The concierge desk is located in the lobby of the community center and is on duty seven days per week from 8:30am to 5:00pm daily.  Concierge services include: 

  1. Dining Reservations 
  2. Postage Stamps 
  3. Shipping and Mailing 
  4. Photocopying 
  5. Transportation Reservations 
  6. Marketing Materials 

Chateau Lake San Marcos offers various media to help keep residents informed and up to date on Chateau events and activities.  This includes: 

All incoming mail for Chateau residents is delivered by the U.S. Postal Service directly to individual boxes in Building A (for residents of A, E and F), Building B (for B and D) and Building C. Outgoing mail may be placed in the marked boxes in these buildings or left with Concierge. Larger packages are delivered to your door by the mail carrier. The Chateau can also request UPS pick-ups on your behalf and the charge will appear on your next monthly statement. 

Notary Service
On-site notary service is available at no charge to residents of Chateau Lake San Marcos – Please contact the Resident Services Director for an appointment. 

Association Insurance
Chateau Lake San Marcos Homeowners association maintains insurance policies for general and professional liability as well and for property coverage of the common areas.  Individual unit owners are responsible to obtain and maintain the appropriate property and liability insurance policies as outlines in the CC&Rs.  Important note: The association insurance policies does not provide any coverages for individual separate interests or residents.   

Monthly Statements and Payments
Monthly billing statements are prepared by the association accounting office and delivered to each owner/resident on the first of each month.  All Accounts are due and payable on the 1st of the month, and late after the 15th of each month. 

Please refer to the association collection policy for details on late fees/payments. Payments may be placed in the box in the concierge area of the Community Center or mailed to the Chateau Accounting Office.

Checks should be made payable to: Chateau Lake San Marcos Homeowners Association.  Chateau Lake San Marcos offers ACH payment options.  Please visit with the accounting office to arrange auto payments. 

Gifts & Gratuities 
The staff at Chateau Lake San Marcos are at the service of all residents and their visitors and are happy to assist in any way they can. We realize that you may wish to reward them with gratuity for performing their responsibilities, however gratuities are not expected and are prohibited.

However, the annual Holiday Gift Fund provides a means for expressing your thanks for all the work that the staff members perform each year. You may contribute to this each December or, if you wish, arrangements may be made with the Accounting Office to have a monthly contribution charged to your statement. 

Residents wishing to give or sell specific items to members of the Chateau staff are requested, first, to get the approval of the Executive Director in order to minimize potential problems and ensure that violations of staff rules do not occur. 



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